Check My Video Card On A Laptop


Modern computers can handle complex data processing including recording music, editing digital video, and playing video games. Video game technology has become highly graphics intensive. If you are not sure whether your laptop can handle the video or graphics of a particular application, you can check your video card to make sure that it meets the minimum system requirements for the application that you would like to use.


Video card

From the Apple menu, select “About This Mac” and click on “More Options.” Select “Hardware.” Click on the arrow next to “Hardware” so that it is facing down, which allows you to see everything listed under the “Hardware” menu. Select “Graphic/Displays.” You can see all the information about the your video card brand, model and specifications.


Review your display adapters.

From the Windows desktop, right-click “My Computer” (XP) or “Computer” (Vista and 7), and select “Properties.” Select “Device Manager.” Select “Display Adapters.” Your graphics card is listed here. The “Drivers” tab provides you with more information about your video card.

Ubuntu Linux

Search for your graphics device.

In the “xterminal,” type “lspci.” Scroll through the list until you see “VGA Compatible Controller.” Your video card information is listed here. When using the GUI, go to “System.” Select “Preferences.” Choose “Hardware Information.” Your video card is listed under a section called “Graphics Device” or “VGA.”

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