Cheats For Bully Scholarship Edition For Wii

There are many cheats for Bully Scholarship Edition for the Nintendo Wii. Cheats include hints, codes, unlockables, and unique game glitches that give you an advantage. Cheats help to overcome difficult levels and challenges with which you would normally struggle. In Bully, you can get unlimited health, vehicles, costume upgrades, hidden actions–and the secret to never miss classes.

Free Health

In the game, each soda you drink will increase your health meter. However, the sodas cost money in the game and it can be tedious to spend a few dollars at a time. To avoid spending money every time, complete the house lawn-mowing job at the Bullworth vale until you reach $250. This should not take too long. Once you have the money, visit the YumYum market and purchase 250 sodas. Once you buy them, you can get sodas for free at the store anytime. From now on, you will get the upgrades that these soft drinks provide for free.

Get to Class

Being late for class in Bully can negatively affect your growth at the Bullworth school. However, you can avoid being late with the help of a simple glitch in the game. There are prefects who patrol the grounds of Bullworth that are like police officers of the school. If you are in an area and know that you will not make it back for class on time, go up to the nearest prefect and punch him. Don’t run or avoid the prefect, let him apprehend you. The prefect will immediately take you to class via quick travel and you will not be tardy.

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Get a Car

A vehicle will assist you in many missions and tasks throughout scholarship edition. You can easily acquire a moped or a go kart at the carnival through a small amount of effort. For the moped, play any carnival game. Once the game is complete, you automatically get three tickets. Keep playing until you get 75 tickets. Go to the rewards tent and you can get a moped there for the 75 tickets. If you want the go kart, enter the go kart racing at the carnival’s arena. Play and win five times and a go kart is yours to drive throughout the grounds of the school.

Hidden Action

You can perform hidden actions at certain points in the game. One of these actions is a swirly (dunking a someone’s head in the toilet). Stand near the bathroom door in the school’s hallway. When someone enters the bathroom, quickly follow him. Once inside, press the “Grab Button” to catch the person. While holding him, walk towards a toilet. When you are close enough, a “Trigger Button” will appear on the screen. Quickly press the “Trigger Button” to dunk the person’s head and receive experience points.

Costume Upgrades

Costume upgrades allow you to customize your Bully and add new interactions between characters. You can acquire a large variety of costumes. To get a BMX helmet, complete all the bike race challenges. To wear a pumpkin head around school to frighten people, smash all the pumpkins on Halloween night or go break all of them up in the basement of the school. You can even dress up like a black ninja to help with your stealth skills by capturing a picture of all the students who attend Bullworth academy.

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