Chapters In Roxio

You can use your DVD player or remote to skip chapters in your DVD.

Roxio Creator is a program that allows users to capture video from a digital camcorder, edit video files and create a personalized DVD. In addition to creating custom movies, Roxio also allows you to add chapters to your video project. Depending on your preference, you can manually add chapters to your movie or have Roxio render chapter points. After creating your DVD, you will be able to easily navigate between different scenes in your movie.


1. Launch Roxio MyDVD and open your preferred video project. If you don’t have an existing project, click “Add New Movie,” locate and select your video file, and click the “Add” button.

2. Select your movie in the “Project View” menu.

3. Click the “Edit Chapters” link, which is located in the “Edit View” menu on the left side of the screen. The “Edit Chapters” window will open and a preview of your video will appear. MyDVD allows you to manually or automatically add chapters to your movie.

4. Use the video slider to manually add chapters to your movie. Click and drag the slider to your desired location in the video, and then click the “Add chapter here” button.

5. Select one of the available automatic chapter options if you want MyDVD to automatically add chapters to your movie. The options are listed in the “Automatically create chapters” section. You can specify a time interval for your chapters, such as every six minutes, or you can opt to have MyDVD add chapters using scene detection or at the start of each panel in your video. Click the “Go” button when you’re finished selecting your preferred option.

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6. Click the “OK” button to close the editing window.