Change The Text Editor In Joomla!

Set the editor for Joomla! users in the administrator back end.

Joomla! installs with the TinyMCE editor set as the default for back-end administration of articles and front-end article submissions. The TinyMCE editor provides considerable functionality as a WYSIWYG editor but often falls short when it comes to editing the HTML code associated with writing and submitting articles on the Web. Joomla! supplies two other editors as alternatives that you may set as the default editor or assign to specific users for their use. Other editors are available to download from the Joomla! Extension Directory.


Setting the Default Editor

1. Enter the URL for the administrator login page into your browser address bar. Enter your name and password into the fields and press “Enter.” The Joomla! administrator template will load.

2. Click on the “Global Configuration” icon in the control panel displayed immediately after login. The fourth option shown in the site settings is the default WYSIWYG editor. Select a different editor from the drop-down menu.

3. Click on the “Save” option in the Global Configuration menu to save the changes.

Changing a User’s Editor

4. Click on the “User Manger” icon in the control panel, and allow the user manager to load. Click on the blue user name of the user you wish to change the editor for. The form for editing the user’s details will load.

5. Select the editor to enable for the user from the drop-down editor menu in the parameters section of the User Details form.

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6. Click on the “Save” icon in the Edit User Details menu on the right side of the screen. The user is now assigned to the editor you chose.