Change The Graphics Card On A Vaio Tablet

The Vaio Tablet is a small computer designed by the Sony corporation. A graphics card is a device inside your Sony tablet that enhances the video quality of your computer so that you see clear pictures on the screen. Your graphics card plugs into the motherboard and is secured by the video assembly. Manually replacing your graphics card may void your warranty. Contact Sony before attempting this operation.


1. Turn off your Sony Vaio and remove the power cord.

2. Pry up the small, plastic piece above your keyboard and below your LCD screen.

3. Remove the screws that secure the keyboard.

4. Disconnect the data cable and remove the keyboard.

5. Remove the five screws securing the outer shell of your computer.

6. Remove the three screws securing the graphics card and remove your graphics card.

7. Plug in your new graphics card and replace the video assembly screws.

8. Replace the outer shell, keyboard and keyboard bezel.

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