Change The Font In Outlook Web Access

Customizing your Microsoft Outlook Web Access font is simple.

Outlook Web Access is an email host that was created by Microsoft and is commonly used by businesses and schools, as well as individuals. Changing the font in Microsoft Outlook Web Access is a simple task that you can do as often as you want. In addition to choosing the font that you like best, you also are provided the ability to adjust the font color and size of your email text to better suit you.


1. Open the Outlook Web Access program and sign in with your email address and password.

2. Go to the navigation pane and click “Options.” If the navigation pane collapses, simply click the “Go to Options” button.

3. Look for the “Messaging Options” choice and select it. Then click “Choose Font.”

4. Browse through the font options until you find the font you prefer. Once you’ve selected your font, highlight it by clicking it and then click “OK.”

5. Select “Save and Close” on the options page. Your new font will be chosen. If you want to change the font color or size, open a new email message and adjust the settings within the composition area.

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