Change Speed Dial For The Opera Web Browser

Speed Dial is a feature on the Opera browser that allows fast and convenient access to a user’s favorite websites. When the browser opens, a grid appears, and each element of the grid displays a different Web page. Simply clicking on one of the elements opens that Web page instantly. Change the speed dial settings and customize the Opera Web browser to your liking in a few simple steps.


1. Open the Opera Web browser by clicking on its desktop shortcut. If no shortcut is available, open the “Start” menu by clicking on the Windows orb in the lower left corner of your desktop and then type “opera” in the search field. Launch the Opera browser by clicking on the application when it appears in the search results.

2. Open the speed dial page, if the grid doesn’t display automatically. To launch speed dial, click on the tab marked with a “+” at the top of the browser window. When the speed dial page opens for the first time, you’ll see a grid comprised of numerous squares. An “X” appears in each square.

3. Click on the white area in one of the boxes to open a pop-up dialog labeled “Edit.” Click on the Edit box.

4. Choose from the list of websites displayed or enter the websites that you visit often. You can enter one website per box. Also, you can configure how many boxes display in the grid and what background picture you’d like to display when the speed dial screen opens.

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