Change Effects On Oovoo

OoVoo is an messaging program that allows users to communicate through instant texts, video calls and voice calls. The software lets you add effects to your video call to entertain the recipient. These effects include changing the video to black-and-white mode or adding faces, hats and smileys to the display. Follow a few guidelines to change your ooVoo effects in minutes.


1. Launch ooVoo and log into your account, if you are not already signed on.

2. Click the contact you want to start a video call with in the “Online” section, then click the “Video Call” button. When your recipient answers the call, you should see your friend, and he should see you.

3. Click the “Download video effects” link to install ooVoo effects. Follow the guided prompts on the installation wizard to install the effects.

4. Click the large drop-down arrow in your video call window and click “Turn on video effects.” OoVoov displays a list of options for effects.

5. Click the effect you want to use.

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