Change Computers To Sync With Iphone

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Syncing your iPhone to your computer will allow you to charge the device whenever the battery is running low. When you sync your iPhone to your computer, you will also be able to put files such as movies and music onto your iPhone. To sync the iPhone to your computer effectively, you will need to install an Apple software program. Changing the iPhone settings will also let you sync the iPhone with other computers than just your own.


1. Download and install the proper version of iTunes for your computer.

2. Open iTunes.

3. Plug your iPhone into one of the empty USB ports on the computer. The iPhone will be listed in the “Devices” category in the left hand iTunes column.

4. Click the name of your iPhone (underneath “Devices”). A group of tabs will appear in the middle of iTunes at the top of the program.

5. Choose the “Summary” tab. Clicking this tab will cause four iPhone options to open at the bottom of iTunes.

6. Click in the middle of the box for the “Manually manage music and videos” selection at the bottom of iTunes to change the iPhone settings.

7. Click “Apply” at the bottom of iTunes. The iPhone will be able to sync on computers.

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