Capture Video On Final Cut Pro

While it’s simple to understand that you’ll need footage to edit from, you may not understand capture footage on Final Cut Pro. Capturing is nothing more than the transfer of data from one entity to another–mainly from your digital videotape to your computer. This is the key element to being able to create a project–or sequence. Once your footage is transferred to your computer, it is yours to do with as you please.


1. Connect your source material to your computer. From your digital camcorder, you’ll connect the 6-pin portion of the firewire cable to the computer and the 4-pin side to the camcorder.

2. Turn the camcorder on, and open the log and capture window. This is the only way to capture footage on Final Cut Pro.

3. Log the tape, as you capture; this is the most basic and fundamental process in editing. As you log, you’ll be able to reference the material, capture and make it easier to recognize when you’re in the middle of work.

4. Log, before you capture footage on Final Cut Pro. Doing this allows you to more readily instruct the system as to what sections of the tape you would like to capture and which can be skipped over during the actual capture process.

5. Decide if you need to capture an entire tape, in which case, you’ll be editing from all the raw footage. Or, if you want to pick and choose segments from which to edit, capture the entire piece of footage. This allows you to specify timecode later, and reference it when making your initial edits.

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6. Select all of the sections you’ll be capturing in the browser window, then select batch capture. You will capture footage on Final Cut Pro–and only the footage you have selected through your preliminary editing process.