Capture Streaming Audio With Cool Edit

Cool Edit is a program that allows you to record, edit and manipulate audio. In addition to being able to record external audio, you can also capture streaming audio from a website or video. The quality of the audio recorded is dependent on the quality of the audio stream that is being recorded. These files can then be edited or saved for use in other programs.


1. Double-click on the Cool Edit icon on your desktop with your left-hand mouse button.

2. Open up the web page or file that contains the audio streaming file that you wish to capture.

3. Click “File” on the Cool Edit toolbar and select “New.” Select “44100” as the waveform you wish to use.

4. Turn on your computer speakers and set the sound level to around 60 percent.

5. Press the red circle on the Cool Edit toolbar to begin recording. Play the external audio source. Cool Edit will now begin capturing the audio. Press the “Stop” button on your toolbar to stop the recording once the audio has finished.

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