Capture Software Compatible With Pinnacle 710

Capure video with your Pinnacle 710-compatible software.

The Pinnacle 710 is a USB-based capture port, giving you the ability to connect RCA audio/video devices to the computer and capture the content with any Pinnacle-compatible software. In order to use the Pinnacle 710, you must have a Pinnacle video editing program installed. There are several different Pinnacle editors available, all of which perform the capture process in the same way.


1. Launch the Pinnacle video editing program installed on the computer. Pinnacle is produced by Avid, the industry-leading video editing company.

2. Plug the RCA audio/video cables into the video output device (such as a VCR or video camera). Insert the opposite end of the cables into the “In” ports of the Pinnacle 710.

3. Select “Capture” from the menu on the Pinnacle video editor, then choose “Pinnacle 710 as the device you want to capture with.”

4. Press “Play” on the video output device, then click “Capture.” The Pinnacle video editor begins to capture the audio and video content. Click “Stop” to finish the capture process. The video you captured automatically appears in the video library found on the upper left corner of the program window.

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