Capture Playing Audio On Ubuntu

The Ubuntu operating system utilizes Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) for audio playback via the computer sound card. Using the open source audio recording and editing software Audacity, you can record audio that is playing in another program on your Ubuntu computer from the ALSA sound stream. Audacity is available for free in the Ubuntu software repository and is installed by default in some versions of the Ubuntu operating system. If it is not already installed, the program can be added in just a few mouse clicks.


1. Select “Applications” and then “Ubuntu Software Center.”

2. Type “Audacity” in the search box and press “Enter.”

3. Select “Audacity” from the search results and click “Install” to add the program to Ubuntu. You will need to enter your administrative password to continue with installation.

4. Select “Applications,” “Sound and Video” and then “Audacity.”

5. Select “Edit” and then “Preferences.”

6. Set the recording device to “ALSA: pulse” or “ALSA: default” and then click “OK.”

7. Click the “Record” button to begin recording from your sound card and then set the audio you wish to capture, to play. Once the recording is complete, click “Stop” and edit the audio according to your preferences. You can save and transcode the audio by selecting “File” and then “Save As” or “Export.”

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