Capture Photos From A Sony Hd Video Camcorder

Capture Photos From a Sony HD Video Camcorder

Many HD camcorders record video footage to digital media tapes, but users sometimes wish to capture a still frame of that video after transferring it to their computer. First you will capture your Sony HD digital video to your computer, then capture a still image of that video using video editing software.


Capture Sony HD video to your computer

1. Connect your Sony HD camcorder to your computer’s USB or FireWire port using one of the cables described above. Then, push the power button on your camcorder to turn it on.

2. On a PC, open Movie Maker and click the “Record” button. On a Mac, open iMovie and click “Capture mode” on the menu.

3. Set your capture settings. In Movie Maker, choose whether you want to capture audio, video or both, and select the quality of your transfer. In iMovie, select the desired start point.

4. Begin capturing. In Movie Maker, click “Record.” In iMovie, click “Import.”

5. When your video has finished capturing or you have captured as much video as you need, click “Record” again in Movie Maker or “Import” in iMovie to stop the capture process. Save your newly captured HD video to the desired location on your computer.

Capture a frame or ‘photo’ from your video

6. Open your video in video editing software such as Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere.

7. Select the image you wish to save. In Final Cut Pro, go to the “Modify” menu, then click “Make Freeze Frame.” In Adobe Premiere, go to “Export” then select a “.jpg” or “.giff” format. In iMovie, right-click the frame and select “Add Still Frame to Project.” In Windows Movie Maker, select “Take Picture” from the main menu.

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8. Save your image to your computer or insert it into your video.