Capture A Still Image From A Video

Turn video frames into images using Windows.

You don’t need to buy extra software to capture your favorite scenes from videos that you see on the Web or your computer. Even if you don’t have any favorite video scenes, you can still build a massive image library for free by playing videos that you discover and capturing still images from them. It also doesn’t take any programming skills to perform this task. All you need is the ability to click buttons and draw rectangles on your computer screen.


1. Play a video that contains scenes you would like to capture. For instance, if the video resides on YouTube, visit YouTube and play the video. If you would rather capture an image from a movie in Windows Media Player, launch Windows Media Player and play the movie.

2. Click the player’s “Pause” button when the video reaches the location that contains an image you would like to capture.

3. Click the Windows “Start” button and type “snipping tool” in the Search field. Click the Snipping Tool icon when you see it in the search results list. The Snipping Tool allows you to draw a rectangle around any part of your screen and take a screenshot of the area within the rectangle. After the window opens, your cursor changes into a crosshair.

4. Click the upper-left corner of your video player, hold down the mouse button and drag your mouse slowly to the right and diagonally to draw a rectangle around the video that appears in the player. Do not include parts of the player itself. Draw your rectangle so that it includes only the parts of the scene that you want to appear in your captured image. Don’t worry about the snipping tool window getting in your way while you’re drawing the rectangle. It disappears when you click your screen.

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5. Release the mouse button. The Snipping Tool window will reappear and display the image you captured.

6. Press “Ctrl-S” and type a name for your image in the File Name field. Select the “Save as Type” drop-down menu and select the file type for your captured image. You can choose between JPEG, GIF and PNG.

7. Click “Browser Folders” to view your hard drive’s folders. Navigate to the one where you would like to save your image.

8. Click “Open” and choose “Save” to save your captured video image in that folder.