Calibrate The Pen On A Tablet Pc

One of the benefits of a Tablet PC is that you can enter commands and text using a pen, just as if you were writing on a notepad. There are a few additional steps that you must take, however, for the pen on your Tablet PC to work as accurately as possible. Just as you would calibrate the touchscreen on a PDA, you need to calibrate the pen on a Tablet PC.


Set Up the Digital Pen of Your Tablet PC

1. Turn on your Tablet PC. If you have a convertible Tablet PC, you will need to rotate the screen and fold it down over the keyboard so that you can use the pen more conveniently.

2. Remove the pen from your Tablet PC. If you are using the digital pen that was included with your Tablet PC, you may need to press a button to eject the pen from your Tablet PC.

3. Navigate to the “Tablet and Pen Settings” menu in the Control Panel. Tapping the pen on the screen of your Tablet PC provides the same action as left-clicking with a mouse.

4. Indicate whether you are right-handed or left-handed. If you are left-handed, menus in programs that have been designed to accommodate left-handed use will appear to the right of your pen tip. For right-handed users, menus can be set to appear to the left of the pen tip.

5. Tap on the “Calibrate” button and follow the on-screen instructions to set up your digital pen on your Tablet PC. In addition to calibrating the location of the pen, you will also be able to set the speed with which you double-tap on the screen.

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Calibrate Your Tablet PC to Recognize Your Writing

6. Within the “Tablet” settings, select the “Handwriting” tab. There are two ways you can calibrate your Tablet PC to recognize your handwriting better: personalization or automatic learning.

7. Enable the “Automatic Learning” option to collect data on your handwriting. Each time that you correct the handwriting recognition software, it will adapt to improve its recognition of subsequent handwriting.

8. Launch the “Handwriting Personalization” program. This will allow you to provide samples of each letter in your own handwriting, as well as train the PC to recognize your handwriting style.