Burn Mts Files To A Dvd

Burn .Mts files to a DVD for safekeeping.

MPEG Transport Stream or .Mts files are formats for digital video files that often are referred to as AVCHD and are used by HD camcorders. The format was developed by Sony and Panasonic to be specifically used for camcorders that record in 720p and 1080i HD video formats. While the .Mts files require third-party software to edit and view the files, the Windows native burner is capable of writing the files to a DVD for transferring or backup purposes.


1. Insert the rewriteable DVD (DVD-RW) or blank DVD (DVD-R) into the computer’s disc drive. Click on the “Burn files to data disc” option in the Auto Play window..

2. Create a name for the disc in the “Burn A Disc” dialogue that opens. If you are using a DVD-RW, click “Next” to format the disc. If you are using a DVD-R, click “Show Formatting Options” and select “Mastered.” Click “Next” to format the DVD and open an empty disc folder.

3. Open the folder that contains the .Mts files. Click on the files and drag them into the disc folder. For DVD-RWs, the .Mts files will be automatically burned to the disc as soon as they are dragged into the folder. For DVD-Rs, wait for the files to finish copying into the folder and click on the “Burn To Disc” button to initiate the burn process.

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