Burn Hp Factory Images

Burn your HP’s recovery image to CD/DVD and reclaim hard drive space.

Most HP computers that ship with Windows 7 installed no longer come with recovery or restore CDs. Today, most Hewlett-Packard computers contain a hidden partition that contains the utilities and software needed to restore the computer’s operating system and default software.

The recovery partition, however, does take up valuable hard drive space. Therefore, HP includes a utility in Windows that allows you to burn your factory restore images to a CD or DVD. Burning the recovery software to a disc will allow you to delete the recovery partition and use the reclaimed disc space for more productive files and programs.


1. Click the “Start” button on the Windows 7 taskbar, then click “All Programs/Recovery Manager.” Finally, click the “Recovery Disc Creation” program link.

2. Enter an administrator password if prompted to do so. Click the “Next” button.

3. Wait for the Recovery Disc Creation program to determine the number of blank DVDs you will need in order to create the Recovery Disc Set.

4. Obtain the recommended number of blank DVDs. Label the first DVD as Recovery Diskc#1 (or something similar). Insert the first DVD into the optical drive on your PC, then click the “Next” button.

5. Wait for the disc verification scree to appear, then click the “Next” button. Wait for the utility to create the first recovery DVD. After you see a message confirming the successful creation of the first disc, click the “Next” button.

6. Label and insert additional DVDs into the optical drive as needed in order to create the entire DVD recovery set. Depending on the configuration of your computer, you may need to create two or three discs in total.

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7. Continue burning recovery DVDs until you see the message “Recovery Manager successfully created the recovery discs.” Click the “Finish” button to exit the utility.

8. Place the recovery DVDs in protective jewel cases and store them in a safe place.