Burn Dvd Using Adobe Premiere Pro Cs4

Burn DVD Using Adobe Premiere Pro Cs4

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 was first released in 2008. This edition of the Adobe Suite built on the success of CS3 and earlier editions, and introduced a tabbed interface that gave all the included programs a sleek new look. One of the additions introduced into these later versions of the Adobe Suite was the inclusion of the Adobe Encore DVD authoring program. In order to burn a DVD using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4, you have to export the rendered file to Adobe Encore.


1. Start up Adobe Premiere Pro CS4.

2. Open the sequence that you want to export. The sequence can be selected from the “Project” window in the upper, left-hand corner of the screen.

3. Arrange your clips the way you want them in the timeline window at the bottom of the screen. Add effects or transitions, if needed.

4. Add chapter markers, if you like, to the timeline window. These chapters will appear on the DVD and will allow the user to skip around to different parts from the menu. To add a marker, select “Marker” from the top menu and then “Add Encore Chapter Marker.” A window will open allowing you to name the chapter and provide any notes.

5. Click, “File” and “Adobe Dynamic Link.” In the menu that opens, select “Send to Encore.” Encore will open automatically and prepare your video files for DVD authoring.

6. Add menus, as needed. You can incorporate graphics and animations from Adobe After Effects into the menus.

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7. Preview your DVD by selecting “File” and “Preview.” The preview window presents the DVD as it will finally render. Use the controls on the bottom of the window as you would use a normal remote control to navigate through the menu. Click “Exit” when you are finished. Fix any errors that you noticed.

8. Finalize your DVD by selecting “File” and “Build” from the menu. Select “DVD” in the format box on the upper, left-hand side of the screen. Ensure that the “Output” field is “DVD Disc.” Insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive. Click “Build.” The computer will burn the DVD and eject it when finished.