Burn Avi Video To Dvd In Windows

Windows Movie Maker can convert your AVI files to DVD

Microsoft Windows uses the AVI format to transfer and edit video from DV camcorders or other video sources. A DVD makes an excellent format to record the final video production. DVD’s can be easily shared with others or stored as an archival format to free up hard drive space. If your computer has a DVD burner, Windows Live Movie Maker will convert your AVI file and burn the video to a DVD.


1. Insert a recordable DVD in your DVD burner. Close the notification window that pops up with choices of actions.

2. Open Windows Live Movie Maker. If your version of windows does not have the program installed, download and install the free program from Microsoft.

3. Click the window where the text “Drag videos and photos here or click to browse for them” appears.

4. Select the AVI files you want to burn to the DVD.

5. Click the “DVD” icon in the “Sharing” group of the Home menu.

6. Select the folder where you want the output file stored that will be transferred to DVD.

7. Click the “Next” button from the Windows DVD Maker window that automatically opened.

8. Accept the default menu or change the menu to your preferences. When finished, press the “Next” button to create the DVD.

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