Burn Avi To Dvd For Free

Burn AVI files to a DVD with free Microsoft software.

AVI files are uncompressed or low compressed video files. Burning an AVI file to a DVD, so it plays on most stand-alone DVD players, requires converting it to the MPEG 2 format. Fortunately, free software that is part of the standard Microsoft software package makes it easy to do. By using the Movie Maker video editing and DVD software, burning AVI files to a DVD can be done with minimal effort in a short amount of time.


1. Download Movie Maker (Windows Version 7). Go to the “Windows Live” website. Click “Download Now.” Click “Run.” Check “Movie Maker” next to the boxes of the programs you want to install. Click “Next.” Check the boxes if you want Bing as the default search provider and MSN as the default homepage. Uncheck them if you do not want them. Click “Next.”

2. Open Movie Maker. Click the “Start” menu on the lower left of your monitor. Click “All Programs.” Double-click “Movie Maker” to open the software.

3. Click “Add videos and photos.” Locate the AVI file you want to turn into a DVD. Click on it. Click “Open.” The AVI file imports into Movie Maker.

4. Click the blue box in the upper left box. Scroll the mouse over “Save movie.” Click “Burn a DVD.” Type in a file name and click “Save.” A progress bar appears. Add pictures and other video to the DVD by clicking “Add Items.” Locate the files you want to add and click “Add.” Click “Next.” Click “Menu text.” Type in a DVD title. Click “Change Text.” Insert a blank writable DVD and click “Burn.” Your AVI file will now be burned onto a DVD.

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