Burn A Udf

UD is a file type that stands for “Universal Disk Format”. It is a file format used by transferable media like CDs, DVDs and removable hard drives. In order to “burn” a UDF file, that is, transfer it to a blank CD, you’ll need specific software to accomplish this. Burning your UDF file is key to versatility, as it will allow you to more easily transport it from computer to computer.


1. Visit a website that has a CD burner available for free download. An example is Deep Burner (see Resources).

2. Click on the download links until a download window appears. Click “Save File.” The installation file will now download.

3. Double-click on the installation file once it downloads. Go through the installation process, which will include choosing a file directory for your new program.

4. Activate the burner program by double-clicking on the shortcut icon on your desktop. A window will appear that says “select data type”. Make sure “make data CD/DVD” is selected and then click “Next”.

5. Click “Next” on the next screen as well. This will bring you to the main screen. Right-click on it anywhere under where it says “Name”. Choose “Add file”. Find your UDF file in the browse window and then double-click on it.

6. Click the icon at the top that says “Burn Disk.” You can now click the button in the bottom left that reads “Burn” to begin burning your UDF file.

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