Burn A Dvd With Canon Hf100 Imagemixer

When you have recorded video with your Canon HF100, you may want to burn it to DVD to back up or to present to other people. Canon digital video cameras use the ImageMixer software. ImageMixer is developed independently and utilized by camera makers. ImageMixer allows you to catalog, edit and burn your video to a DVD. This presumes you have already imported the video into ImageMixer and it is ready to burn to DVD.


1. Click “Start,” “All Programs,” “Pixela,” “ImageMixer for HDD Camcorder,” and “ImageMixer3 DVD Authoring.”

2. Click “Create New DVD.” Choose your region and quality. Click “OK.” The “Importing Device” window will appear. Click “Cancel.” Select the videos in the list you want to burn.

3. Click “Authoring.” Click “Add Folder Title.” Click “Create empty folder title,” then “OK.” Double-click the folder. Click “File.” Locate the images you want to use for your DVD menu. Select one and click. Click “Add titles” to add to it.

4. Click “Write.” Choose your write settings on the left. Insert a blank DVD and click “Write.”

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