Burn A Dvd In Imagemixer

ImageMixer software creates and edits DVD discs from videos recorded with your video camera; you can play these discs on any standard DVD player. You can assign pre-designed titles and menus to discs and choose to burn videos in either widescreen (16:9) or full-screen (4:3) aspect ratio. It may take up to several hours for ImageMixer to burn a DVD, depending on the size the video and your computer‘s processing speed.


1. Insert a blank DVD into your computer‘s disc drive and launch ImageMixer.

2. Click the arrow next to the “Create New DVD” button at the top of the screen to open the “Project Settings” window. Click “OK.”

3. Click the “Authoring” tab at the top of the program’s main menu. Click the “File” button to open the pop-up screen for selecting the input video file. Browse your computer‘s hard drive, select the desired video and click “Add Titles.”

4. Click the “Settings” tab and select the “Preferences” option. Place a check mark in the “Seamless Playback” box. Choose the appropriate disc type: select either “Single Layer” or “Double Layer.” depending on which type of DVD-R you’re using.

5. Click “OK” to return to the main program screen. Click the “Write” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen to begin burning your DVD.

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