Burn A Dvd From Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker is a video editing software which offers amateur videographers many options for enhancing their movie projects. Used with the companion program, Windows DVD Maker, you can burn your own creations to DVD.


1. Launch the Windows Movie Maker program. You can do this by clicking once on the “Start” button, once on “All Programs,” and then once on the “Windows Movie Maker” icon.

2. Import the file or files you want to burn to DVD. There are several options for this, and Windows Movie Maker has a “Task” section to the right of the screen. Under the “Import” area of the “Task” section, click once on the type of file you want to import (such as “Videos”). Browse your folders until you find the data you want to burn to disk. You can import nearly any type of entertainment file, such as audio, video and pictures. For illustrative purposes, I’m using the default Windows sample material.

3. Drag the imported files you want to burn to DVD to the “Stooryboard” section of the Movie Maker window. To drag, click once on the file in the “Clip Name” section, and hold down the mouse button while dragging the file to the “Storyboard” section. You can also right-click once on the file and select “Add to Storyboard.”

4. Save your project by clicking once on the “File” menu, and then once on “Save Project As.” Choose a folder in which to save the project, and name it. If you do not save the project before attempting to burn it to DVD, Windows Movie Maker will do it automatically.

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5. Click once on the “DVD” option in the “Publish to” area of the “Task” section to burn your material to DVD.

6. Click once on the “OK” button on the warning box that pops up advising you that Windows will launch Windows DVD Maker.

7. Click once on the “Next” button on Windows DVD Maker. You will notice your project in the “Name” section of the Windows DVD Maker screen.

8. Insert a blank DVD into your DVD burner. If you don’t, the program will prompt you to do so.

9. Click once on the “Burn” button on “Windows DVD Maker.”

10. Click once on the “Close” button when the DVD has finished burning. You can also choose to create another copy.