Build An Hd Editing Computer

A Workstation

An HD editing computer is one that is used solely for the purpose of editing high-definition digital video. These computers must be a bit of a powerhouse because it needs to finely render huge amounts of data. An HD editing computer doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars in an electronic store. By following a few simple guidelines, anybody can put together a perfectly good HD editing computer.


1. Get a Mac desktop computer. Mac computers in general are much more stable than their PC counterparts when working with digital video. The Mac operating system is also considered much more flexible for these specific needs than a computer running Windows. When purchasing a Mac computer, it is important to get one with at least a 2GHz processor. There is a reason why Macs are the standard video-editing computers in Hollywood: reliability.

2. Get a computer with at least 2GB of RAM. The more RAM a computer has, the more processes it will be able to run at one time, which can be beneficial when working with digital video. However, the absolute minimum amount of RAM one should get is 2GB.

3. Buy Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro is the recommended and professional-level editing software for Macs when working with digital video. A lot of Hollywood movies are edited using Final Cut Pro. You can get Final Cut Pro at any Apple Store or online at

4. Buy a high-definition monitor. When working with HD video, you are going to want a monitor that can accurately reflect the full resolution of the source material. An HD monitor will also allow you to see exactly how your finished product is going to look when played on an HDTV.

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5. Buy an external hard drive. When capturing raw digital video, it is never a good idea to store that video on the same hard drive as your operating system. Even though Macs are far more stable than PCs, in the event that the worst happens, you don’t want to lose a lot of hard work.