Build A Cheap Laptop Online

Building your computer online gives you customizable features.

Building a cheap laptop online can be a great way to customize your computer and get a great deal on what could be a heft purchase. Building your own computer online has great advantages because it will allow you to get the right parts for whatever kind of computer you are looking to buy. Whether you’re into online gaming, web production or video editing, you can have all of the hardware you need to boost the productivity in your workday. Here are some steps to follow when you’re building your computer online.


1. Choose a casing for your computer. A casing is going to house all of the components that you need to build your computer. A casing can be inexpensive if you buy a used or refurbished model. Make sure that your casing has easy access to the components for when you need to upgrade your hardware.

2. Choose a motherboard that is compatible with the casing. You can buy a motherboard through online retailers or from the manufacturer’s website. Many motherboards come with processors already installed, so get a model that comes with a speedy processor for added performance. Make sure your motherboard has enough USB slots for any extra peripherals you want, such as a printer or an iPod.

3. Choose your power supply. Power supplies are important to your computer because they are going to give everything the electricity they need to run. Buy a power supply that is compatible with your motherboard and casing choice. You can find the power supply specs in the information booklet of your motherboard or on the motherboard itself.

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4. Choose your hard drive. A hard drive is essential for storing all of your data. Buy a hard drive that is going to give you the right amount of space for your music, movies and any programs that you want to put on your computer. Make sure that the hard drive is compatible with your motherboard before you buy it.

5. Choose a DVD drive. Internal DVD drives can be found for cheap on Amazon or eBay. When you’re choosing your DVD drive, you want to make sure that it supports dual layering if you’re going to be doing any video editing or burning movies.

6. Choose a display. Displays for laptops are similar to monitors on a desktop. You want to go with a display that is compatible with the casing and the motherboard that you have chosen. These can be found at online specialty shops or third-party vendor sites.