Brighten Up A Dark Video

Sometimes, a video you have recorded or downloaded may appear too dark for you to see well. If you have experience editing videos, you should know that any editing software has an option for brightening and adjusting the contrast of any videos.


1. Download and install a software program that edits video files. Sony Vegas, VirtualDub and EnhanceMovie are a few examples of programs that should work. Be sure to read through any tutorials the programs come with to learn their basics.

2. Upload your video onto the same computer. If you downloaded the video, it should already be there for you. If you recorded the video yourself, connect your camera to the computer (through either the USB or FireWire connection) to transfer the image.

3. Open the video editing program. Open or import the video file through the program, so you can view the image through the monitor it will have.

4. Look for the “brightness” or “contrast” option in the Filters menu. Use this to brighten the video. Depending on the program, there may be a dial or meter for you to adjust, or an “auto contrast” option that you’ll drag to the screen.

5. Save the file once you’ve adjusted the brightness. The time this takes can depend on the program you’re using as well as the speed of your processor.

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