Blur Someone In A Video

Blurring a person’s image in a video can provide a level of anonymity.

When an individual appears in a video but wishes to maintain privacy, it can be essential to blur the person’s face in the video. The person may want to stay anonymous or you may not have permission to use his or her image in your video. You can use video-editing software to create a blurred effect that will hide a person’s face. Several video-editing applications such as Camtasia, VideoCharge Studio and Adobe Premiere include options to blur images in a video. You can download a 30-day trial of Camtasia to experiment with this feature.


1. Download the video-editing software Camtasia from A 30-day trial is available, or you can purchase a full version.

2. Open the video to be edited and click the “Callouts” option, then click the plus “+” sign to create a callout.

3. Select “Blur Callout” from the Type menu.

4. Resize or move the callout as appropriate to cover the portion of the video that should be kept private.

5. Edit the blur percentage to make sure there is a sufficient level of blurring.

6. Click “Finish” and save your completed video.

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