Becoming A Youtube Makeup Guru

Makeup gurus must keep up with the latest products and techniques.

Becoming a makeup guru involves much more than just making videos. Popular makeup gurus have striking personalities, innovative techniques and the skills to shoot interesting videos that show off their talent. Makeup gurus must market themselves to separate themselves from the vast amount of other amateur YouTube videos. Gurus must be passionate about cosmetics and have the ability to share their passion with interested viewers. As you gain more YouTube subscribers, your name as a makeup guru will become well-known among beauty enthusiasts. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Gather a large variety of cosmetics. Makeup gurus require foundations, eye shadows, eye liners, lipsticks and other makeup supplies in a wide range of colors. Purchase quality makeup brushes to show viewers properly apply their makeup.

2. Set up a quiet and tidy environment to record your YouTube videos. Have sufficient lighting and an unobtrusive background. No background noise should be heard from other crew and your voice should be clear and easy to understand.

3. Verify your makeup tips with a professional. As a trusted makeup guru, you want your viewers to trust your judgment. Speak with a makeup artist at your local cosmetic or department store for tips on apply, blend and diversify your makeup.

4. Be original with your makeup tutorials. Do not copy looks other gurus have already created for YouTube viewers. Keep up with celebrity news and be the first to create the newest looks by the most famous celebrities at the time.

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5. Purchase professional cosmetics and drug store brands. High quality, professional cosmetics appeal more to young woman in their 20s. Drug store brands are cheaper and will interest girls in their early to late teens who are experimenting with makeup.

6. Make your tutorials detailed, but to the point. Instead of showing viewers apply identical eye makeup to both eyes, simply show the tutorial on one eye. Fast-forward the repeat application on the other eye to show the final product.

7. Diversify your YouTube videos with something other than tutorials. Viewers enjoy watching you talk about your favorite products, reviews and makeup hauls. While it’s never ideal to brag, viewers love to hear about the latest products from a trusted makeup guru.

8. Be yourself while filming your videos. Viewers can see when you’re acting fake or trying too hard to impress. Show viewers that you have had the same problems and misconceptions about makeup to show that you’re on their level.

9. Identify your products before you apply them. Let viewers know the brand name, product name, product price and where you can purchase it. Its ideal to type each product used in the YouTube video side bar so viewers have easy access to this information.

10. Edit the videos before posting them to your YouTube account. Eliminate any parts of the video where you are not providing information or showing techniques. Add music to parts of the video that have lengthy quiet periods to liven up your videos.

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