Become A Youtube Celebrity

Become a Youtube Celebrity

Internet stardom. Youtube celebrities. The newest (and probably easiest) way to become famous is via the internet. Specifically Youtube. Independent directors, hobbyists, comedians, actors, producers, and personalities have stormed into the public eye through Youtube, on their way to fame and fortune. Here’s become the next Youtube celebrity.


1. Find your niche. Decide what it is that you are good at. Can you deliver the news in a funny way. Do you aspire to create a comedy show. Youtube offers limitless possibilities. You can upload videos of literally anything you want. Creativity is key. Find something you are passionate about and decide express it through video.

2. Become familiar with Youtube celebrities. Have you ever heard of “sxephil”? How about “Fred”? To view the most subscribed to users on Youtube go to Become familiar with them. Most have to do with news, music, and especially comedy.

3. Create a username that is catchy and relevant to your Youtube venture/persona. “Communitychannel” and “sxephil” are good examples.

4. Start uploading your content. Display your mission statement, your bio page, and your first videos. The actual quality of the videos is not extremely important, but if it is bad people are less likely to enjoy it.

5. Be consistent. Set goals of how many videos you plan to make and when you plan to upload them.

6. Become an active Youtuber. Comment on others’ videos, choose your favorites, and converse with people. This will familiarize you more with the Youtube community while drawing more traffic to your videos.

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7. Advertise. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. Do all you can to get the word out. The more views your videos receive, the more they are likely to receive.

8. Monetize. Put Adsense on your video pages. Create a website and link to it. Many Youtube celebrities sell their merchandise on their websites as well as have affiliate sponsors to earn even more money.

9. Move onto other ventures to increase your celebrity. The top users on Youtube are offered tv deals, merchandising contracts, etc. Good luck!