Become A Writer For Hallmark

Greeting Cards

Hallmark generally hires people to write its famed greeting cards from in-house staff. The best way to become a full-time writer for Hallmark is to begin building your portfolio and resume with the appropriate education and experience, and by publishing works with smaller greeting-card companies in the meantime to boost your credibility.

On occasion, if you apply for a creative position and are hired, you can apply to work from your home instead of at the corporate headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri. (For this consideration, though, you need to have a qualified lifestyle and circumstances that require you to work from your home.)


1. Attend college and receive a degree. It is possible that you can be hired with a resume that lists a wealth of experience as a creative writer, but you will significantly increase your chances of being accepted at Hallmark in a writing position if you hold an undergraduate degree. A major in creative arts is in high demand, as well as a minor (or any degree) in which you build graphic-arts knowledge. Experience in graphic arts may help you eventually land a position at Hallmark.

2. Take advantage of Hallmark’s summer internships, which are available to college students. These highly competitive positions are the only internships Hallmark offers throughout the year, so build your resume early and apply early as well. The positions are generally paid, last 10 to 12 weeks, and take place at the corporate headquarters in Kansas City.

3. Get a writing job in a related field, such as publishing, public relations or advertising. Most writers for Hallmark are mined from other positions; therefore getting your foot into the corporate door is your best chance at becoming an official Hallmark writer.

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4. Apply for a creative position with Hallmark online. You will need to post your resume. You can either upload an existing resume or use the Hallmark resume builder. Make sure you list your education, any creative work you have done in the past as an intern or while attending school, and any published works. Also, be prepared with a portfolio of published and non-published works, as Hallmark will expect to see proof of your writing abilities. Be proactive and continue to check back with Hallmark about the position you applied for, as this will help distinguish you from the crowd of other applicants.

5. Submit your work constantly to other smaller greeting-card companies, such as Blue Mountain Arts, Comstock and Recycled Paper Greetings, so you can place these items on your resume. You can do this throughout your educational career so you appear prepared when you apply at Hallmark.

6. Keep in mind that most greeting cards sell because they convey a true human emotion between friends or family members—something people do not know express properly in person. Think about a personal experience or specific person in your life, and you are more likely to create a real emotion on paper.