Become A Videographer

You can become a videographer in various ways. Some people arrive at their careers by attending film school, while others begin videotaping events for their families and eventually go pro. No matter how you ultimately become a videographer, the result is a rewarding career capturing life’s special moments.


1. Decide what type of videographer you want to become. Your training will vary based on the type of services you will offer such as videotaping weddings, conferences, corporate video, local musicians, baby births, bar mitzvahs or sporting events or becoming an independent or studio film producer or a legal videographer.

2. Enroll in any classes you might need that will teach you what you need to know. Check your local college or night school for videotaping, video editing and business courses. Of course, practice is the most important element in becoming a skilled videographer.

3. Borrow or rent a camcorder if you cannot buy one at first. Shoot lots of video. The more you shoot and analyze your work, the better you’ll get at it. When you get good enough, you can start your own business or apply for jobs as a videographer.

4. Obtain any other equipment you will need. Besides the camera you will most likely need a tripod, extra batteries and lighting equipment, a computer, digital storage devices, editing equipment and sound mixing equipment. For your home office you will need a phone with voice mail or an answering machine, business cards and a way to bill customers.

5. Break into your field by being proactive. Hang around busy locations waiting for things to happen, or listen to police radio if you want to capture news on video. Create your own mini-documentaries if you want to break into that business or volunteer to tape seminars if you’d like to shoot educational events.

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6. Start an event videography business by videotaping events for friends. The best form of advertising is word of mouth, and it doesn’t cost you a cent. Do jobs for friends and family to gain experience and then let them get the word out about your services.