Become A Profesional Game Tester

Being a game tester seems like a dream job, but it’s still work.

The concept of becoming a professional video game tester seems too good to be true. After all, playing video games and getting paid for it seems more like a pipe dream than an actual career. But the games do get made and they do have to be tested before being sent out into the world. As long as you take it seriously and realize that it is more than just popping in a cartridge and playing through a game, you can become a video game tester as well.


1. Familiarize yourself with video games. Likely you already know play games if you are working toward being a game tester, but make sure you are up-to-date with the latest consoles, genres and trends in video games. If your familiarity peaked with the Nintendo 64, you have some catching up to do.

2. Sign up to become part of a beta testing program. These are test groups that developers put together to play a video game that is close to being completed to assess the fun factor and iron out any bugs that still remain. Some are easier to get into than others. Sometimes a developer will put out a call for testers, while other times you will need to apply to them directly and show an aptitude for gaming or game design. You can sign up through specific developer websites. You can find out which sites are offering a beta program through Internet sites like, or or through gaming or computer magazines.

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3. Obtain a degree in computer graphics or complete a course in game design. This will familiarize you with the ins and outs of game design and give you a better idea of what to look for when you are testing a game. In addition, a degree will make you a more attractive candidate to developers looking to hire testers.

4. Market yourself to video game companies. Like any other job, once you start, your work will propel you forward if the quality is there. Remember, video game testing is not only a real job, it can also be a very tedious one. Go in there treating it like a nine to five as opposed to getting paid to goof off and you will find yourself in a better position to advance your career as a game tester.