Become A Pro Fmx Rider

Pro riders often perform for celebrations and at halftime of sporting events.

Freestyle motocross, also defined as FMX, is an adrenaline-pumping discipline of motorcycle riding. The FMX bike features a slimmed-down design compared to bulkier models constructed for cruising on the highway. According to ESPN, professional FMX riders participate in televised competitions hosted by a variety of sponsors including energy drink companies and motorcycle manufacturers. (Reference 1) To become a pro FMX rider, you’ll need to acquire sponsors. Pro riders collaborate with sponsors to create signature products, including bikes, helmets and boots.


1. Research FMX contests around your area. Attend the contest to see what kinds of tricks and maneuvers the pros are executing. Utilize a local training facility to emulate the tricks you witnessed at the contest.

2. Practice your most difficult tricks off the FMX ramps until you can land them consistently. Ask a friend or fellow rider to stand near the ramp with a video camera. Perform your tricks and variations with the camera rolling to chronicle your riding skills.

3. Upload your FMX footage onto a computer that features editing software. Design a title screen that features your name, age and contact information. Dub your favorite music over the footage to create a sponsor-me tape.

4. Burn the compilation of footage onto a few DVD-R discs. Write “sponsor me” on the front of the DVDs as you will hand these out to potential sponsors. Enter a local FMX contest for up and coming amateur riders.

5. Execute your most difficult tricks in front of the judges to place high in the contest. Hand out your sponsor-me DVDs after the contest to your favorite brands and companies. Repeat the process at numerous contests to increase your chances of sponsorship.

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6. Participate in as many contests as you can after acquiring a few sponsors. Learn new and innovative tricks to create a name for yourself in the FMX community. Ask your sponsors to turn you pro after dominating in the amateur contest circuit.