Be A “Woman After God’S Own Heart”

be a “Woman After God’s Own Heart”

Every woman wants the knowledge of be the woman God wants them to be. Elizabeth George has written a wonderful book called “Woman After God’s Own Heart”. Here are just a few tips from this excellent book. Please check out my additional resources for this book, workbook, and teen girl edition.


1. “A Heart For Blessing In Prayer” We talk with our friends, we talk with our kids, we talk with our husbands or boyfriends. How much time do we set aside to talk with our Father, the One who made us? God wants a relationship with us and every relationship needs communication. When we pray to our Father, He will pour out blessings on us.

2. “A Heart For Passion In Prayer” I have a bad habit of falling asleep when I pray. Why? I am praying at bedtime. I am giving God time, but it is the time of day when I am so tired I can hardly remember my name. But..when I talked to my girlfriend today about an issue I am having with my son, it was full of passion. That is how God wants us to talk to Him, too. When I am passionate about my “talking time” with my Father, I am sharing on a whole other level.

3. “A Heart for Discipline” My day is filled with homeschooling, animals, cooking, children, housework, dinner….can you relate? The hardest part of communicating with God, is “finding” time. Silly, isn’t it. We make time to write an eHow article, but not time to talk with our Father. This is where discipline comes in. Making sure to set aside time everyday for God.

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4. “A Heart For Your Husband” If you don’t have a husband, you can start praying for the husband God wants for you. Maybe you are engaged or have a boyfriend. Whatever situation you are in, you need the wisdom to know what God wants your role to be as a wife.

5. “A Heart For Your Children” Again, if you don’t have any children, you may know a single mom that you could give advice to about this topic. Your children will mimic your actions. They are a precious gift from God, and you are to “train them up” and love them. Sometimes it isn’t easy, but God knows this.

6. “A Heart For Your Home” A home is so more than four walls. Yes, you need to keep your house clean, but it is so much more. We are called to “knit together” our family. We are to watching and manage this “knitting” in the Lord.

7. “A Heart For Spiritual Growth” Let’s say that you only completed kindergarten. How would your life be different? Without the knowledge that the rest of your schooling would provide, how are you to grow? Physically you would grow, but what about your knowledge? Would that grow? The same for your spirituality. You need to be growing in the Lord everyday. Do not become stagnant or stuck. Some days are easier than others, but with God’s help, you can do all things.

8. “A Heart for Service” When we serve others, unselfishly, we grow. Jesus came to be a servant to man. He was the ultimate example. At the last supper, HE washed His disciples feet. We need to follow His example and try to serve in any way we feel God is leading us to do.

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9. “A Woman After God’s Own Heart” With all these tips, Elizabeth George gives you a wonderful insight on be the woman God wants you to be. Do not miss this opportunity to acheive all that God wants for your life.