Avid Liquid 7 Tutorial

Avid Liquid 7 is a comprehensive video editing program used by professional filmmakers and other video enthusiasts. Features of Avid Liquid include high definition video, real-time effects and SmartSounds custom music tracks. There are many tutorials to learn use the program.


Avid Liquid 7 was introduced by Pinnacle Systems, a division of Avid Technology. Avid Liquid 7 is one of several lines of video editing programs produced by the company.


There are several ways to learn Avid Liquid 7, including many online tutorials. Online tutorials have step-by-step instructions or video explanations and are useful for learning specific tasks. There are also books and DVDs available for ordering online or for purchase in some stores. These are good options for more advanced instruction and are cheaper than taking a class.


You may also find local classes in Avid Liquid 7. Film schools, professional training centers and some, community colleges teach video editing using Avid.


If you understand video editing and are familiar with other video editing software, some of the online tutorials may be effective in helping you complete particular tasks in Avid Liquid 7. However, you may need more in depth training if you do not have that background.

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