Avid Liquid 7 Training

Avid Liquid 7 Training

Avid Liquid 7 is high definition video (HDV) compatible professional video editing software produced by video software company Pinnacle. The software includes a variety of audio and video editing capabilities. Most of the training available for Liquid 7 is multimedia-based.


Pinnacle, the company that produces Avid, provides a number of resources for users wishing to learn more about Liquid 7. These include a searchable knowledge base and online forum for Liquid 7 users. The company also offers a free, downloadable manual for Liquid 7.

Books and DVDs

A number of books and classes on DVD have been produced for Liquid 7 by third parties. New copies of the DVD can cost between $100 and $150 (as of January 2011); you may be able to find used copies of training materials at considerably reduced prices.


There are no classes specific to Liquid 7 listed on Pinnacle’s website. If you are new to Avid you might consider taking an Avid certification course. These are available at virtually any school that teaches video editing or production. If you need a class specific to Liquid 7 you may need a custom training solution created.

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