Average Salary Of A Spheris Medical Transcriptionist

As a Spheris Medical Transcriptionist (MT), you can be a part of an industry leader who promotes and rewards their people. Offering market trend wages, shift differentials and benefits, Spheris allows for flexibility in scheduling—working from home—and their employees participate in specialized training courses paid for by the company. Being a Spheris MT provides advancement opportunities with a company that has a proven track record and is rooted in the medical industry.


As a Spheris Medical Transcriptionist, you have the benefit of working from your home (or remotely). Whether full-time or part-time, Spheris MTs are offered flexible schedules (which may include evenings and weekends) and you work together to determine what works best for you and the Spheris clients. The opportunity exists to continue in your chosen career path and remain a part of your professional community. Further, communicating with colleagues and peers keeps you connected and up-to-date with your skill set.


The compensation structure for Spheris MTs is production-based and paid on a line rate. Spheris offers higher rates per line for evenings and weekend shifts. Depending on your experience and skill level, your earning potential is largely up to you and your performance. The average pay for line rate currently sits at 0.06 to 0.09 cents per line, which is based on a 65 character line. Generally, a full-time MT will produce 1,000 to 1,500 lines per shift. So depending on your experience, if you were working full-time at the low end of the scale—0.06 cents per line—and you generated 1,500 lines, you would earn $90 (that is, 0.06 X 1,500= $90).

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There are shortcuts a medical transcriptionist can use to enhance their line count and increase production. These shortcuts are usually built into the software used in transcribing, or in software such as Microsoft Word. The Auto Text feature in Microsoft Word allows you to put in commonly used words like “lab results” as LR for example, so when you type LR, the words, lab results, would appear saving you key strokes and increasing your overall production.


As a part of every compensation package, you need to take in account any benefits package that may be included in your contract or condition of hire, as this is part of the average salary you earn. At Spheris, full-time MTs enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that includes: individual and family health/dental/vision insurance coverage; EAP; individual life insurance; disability insurance; flexible spending account; paid time off (PTO) awards; 401(k) retirement plan and automatic payroll deposit. Part-time MTs are offered an EAP and a 401K retirement plan.


All MTs are provided computer equipment necessary to fulfill their job requirements, and 24-hour access to IT and other corporate professionals. Moreover, eliminating a daily drive to the office can benefit you and others in different ways. For example, if you have small children, the ability to work around their schedules, save on daycare expense and be available to them is a real boon. Further, by default you become a part in promoting the going “green” effort by eliminating gases emitted by a commute. You would also save money on gasoline and car maintenance, thereby increasing your income.

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