Automatically Add Date & Time Stamps On My Videos With Sony Vegas

Automatically add date and time stamp on Sony Vegas videos.

Sony Vegas software is used for creating, editing and importing movies, music and images. When creating or editing movies you may want to add a time or date stamp to remember when the movie was made. Adding a time or date stamp can also help protect your movies from unauthorized use or copyright violations.


1. Download the free SVDTS application extension for Sony Vegas. (See Resources) Save the file to your computer in the “downloads” folder.

2. Open the file by right-clicking on it and choosing “open with WinZip” or the “compressed file” option. Copy the dll file by right-clicking it and choosing “copy.”

3. Navigate to the folder on your hard drive where you installed the Sony Vegas program. Double click the folder to open it and look for the data sub folder. Paste the dll file into the data folder by right-clicking and choosing “paste.”

4. Open Sony Vegas and click on the “Generators” tab in the middle of the page. Click on the “Default Text” box and clear any text in the pop-up box. Type the following into the text box: dd.MM.yyyy Name the file “date time format” and close the text box.

5. Open the Sony Vegas project for which you would like to add the date time stamp. Insert a video track for the stamp. Select a clip and click on “Open Clip” from the drop-down menu. Select the SVDTS tool option and click “Add.”

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