Art Editor Jobs

Art editors work in museums.

You find art editorial careers in fine art, communications and publishing. Art editors use their knowledge of art and editorial skills to bring information to the public. An art editor designs the cover of a book or magazine, decides what content goes into a gallery calendar or reviews art products.

Book Publishing

An art editor has several functions in book publishing. You design the book cover or the whole book. You set up the book layout and choose the photography and illustrations. You collaborate with freelance photographers and illustrators to commission work. You correct any mistakes in the text. Graphic design and editorial skills are also key to success as an art book editor.

Art Reviews

Art reviews critique gallery works or new art-related products. A reviewer covers an art gallery opening and writes about it for a magazine or newspaper. There are many art-related products, including books, videos, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs. An art editor writes a review of any one of these products for an art bulletin, magazine or website. Reviewers need knowledge of art, and analytical and writing skills.

Calendar Publishing

Many art editor careers require a proficiency in art and writing, and calendar publishing is no exception. You choose pictures or illustrations for each month of the calendar in addition to designing the layout. You edit any accompanying text. You may end up as a freelancer for a calendar publishing company or edit a calendar as part of a public relations career in a gallery association, museum or city arts council.

Museum Publications

Art museums often put out two types of publications: those designed to advertise their exhibits and programs, and journals that address many topics of fine art and art history. A bulletin tells the public what is new at the museum. An art editor working on a bulletin produces and edits the copy, and provides pictures that entice the public to visit. An art editor producing a journal designs the publication, commissions articles, edits text and procures pictures, all while meeting publishing schedules. Knowledge of art, art history, and editorial and organizational skills are needed to edit museum publications.

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