Are Hard Drives With 32mb Cache Worth The Extra Money

When purchasing a new hard drive for your computer, there are multiple factors to consider including both the capacity of the hard drive and the cache size. Knowing what the cache size is and how it benefits you can help you decide if the hard drive is worth the expense.

Hard Drive

A hard drive is one of the most important components of your computer; it is solely responsible for storing all your data, including software programs and your operating system. The main selling point of most hard drives is how much data they can store in terms of gigabytes or terabytes. Generally, the higher the number of bytes, the more data your hard drive can store. A terabyte is equal to 1,000GB so, by definition, even a 1TB hard drive is bigger than any gigabyte drive.

Cache Size

Along with how much data the hard drive can hold, the cache size is important — more important in some case than in others. Some common cache sizes include 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB. The cache acts as a buffer, allowing the hard drive to temporarily store data. This allows the hard drive to access stored data quickly and without slowing down your computer to search for it. Like the amount of data a hard drive can permanently hold, the amount of data the cache can hold is listed on a new hard drive’s specification sheet or box.

16MB Vs. 32MB

The difference in speed between a 16MB and 32MB cache size varies based on a few different factors. The use of the hard drive is a determining factor. Someone who does heavy video editing will notice a slight increase in speed as images load from the hard drive faster with the 32MB cache. The differences in cache also depend on the hard drive and brand; it is not uncommon to see hard drives with a 16MB cache size outperform a hard drive of another brand with a 32MB cache. Ultimately, the differences between a 16MB cache and a 32MB cache variesdepending on the brand, but in general a 32MB cache is superior.

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Is It Worth It?

The question of “Is it worth it?” as it applies to a 32MB cache size when compared with a 16MB cache is subjective and changes from person to person. If you are someone who casually uses the computer for Internet browsing, email and other light tasks, an increased cache size is generally not worth it. However, if you are someone who uses your computer for heavy tasks such as video editing or computer game use, an increased cache size, which results in faster loading, can benefit you. Keep in mind though that the benefits are not substantial going from 16MB to 32MB caches.