Apply Filters To Multiclips Fcp 7

Final Cut Pro 7 is an advanced video-editing software developed by Apple Inc. FCP 7 enables users to work on projects containing multi-clips, which are generally used when working on multi-camera projects. It allows users to play back, render and edit up to 16 clips from multiple sources simultaneously. Applying filters can be accomplished easily if multiple sources of video clips coincide in dimensions, frame rate and codec.


1. Launch Final Cut Pro 7 and access the project that contains the multi-clip you want to edit.

2. Double-click the desired multi-clip from the Browser or Timeline pane. Allow the multiple angle clips to load into the Viewer window.

3. Select the clip angle to which you will apply a filter. The selected clip angle will display a green surrounding box noting it as the “Active” clip.

4. Go to the “Effects” menu and select the filter you wish to apply to the selected angle clip. The filter will automatically be applied to the active clip.

5. Access the “View” menu and click the “Render Filters in Multiclip Display” option, to preview the applied filter in the multi-clip.

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