Apple Certified Training

Apple certified trainers teach a variety of courses on Apple computer programs to professionals through Apple Authorized Training Centers, or AATCs. The Apple Certified Trainer, or ACT, program provides instructors for these courses.


According to Apple’s website, the ACT program exists to ensure a consistently high level of instructional knowledge and skill among the instructors who administer its training courses to the public.

Training Topics

Students in the ACT program learn educate people on OSX and network administration, and professional applications such as the Final Cut video editing suite, DVD Studio Pro and Aperture.

Course Tracks

Students may enroll in either the Pro Apps ACT Program, which focuses on professional applications, or the IT ACT Program for an emphasis on operating system administration.


All prospective students must submit an Apple certified trainer application. Depending on the course track, they may also need previous teaching experience, user experience in the programs or other professional qualifications.


After passing the Apple certification exam, students become Apple certified trainers. They can then affiliate themselves with an AATC and help teach its training programs.

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