Announce A Tshirt Design Contest

T-shirt design contests are a good way to market your product or service.

Creating a t-shirt design competition is a clever way to attain advertising for a company, organization or cause. Some businesses create t-shirt contests so they have more people visit their website. On the other hand, a health department, for example, may hold a t-shirt design contest for young people to enter with the underlying intent to spread a message about live a healthy lifestyle. A t-shirt design competition is only successful if you announce it properly. With the help of traditional resources and the Internet, announcing a t-shirt design contest is easy.


1. Create posters and small fliers about the t-shirt design contest. You can use a word processor, publishing program or a photo editing program to make posters and small take-home fliers to post on community bulletin boards and in windows of local business. Make sure you post details on the flier about the competition, such as the deadline, submission guidelines and where people can find more information.

2. If your company or organization has a website or blog, take advantage of this resource and create a page within the site that has details about the t-shirt design contest. A website or blog offers the means to post the contest’s rules, information on submit a design and display submissions from past winners. Make sure you include the web address on all printed material you create that announces the t-shirt design contest.

3. Create new accounts or use existing ones to let your social networking friends and followers know about the t-shirt design contest. Social networking sites are a good way for those who want to enter the contest to post their questions and communicate with you.

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4. Make a viral video. According to Future Now, viral videos are a good way to announce promotions. By using keywords that reflect the contest and posting the video on your blog or website, you can announce your t-shirt design contest in an entertaining and informational way.

5. Let the public know about your t-shirt design contest in periodicals. Write press releases to get newspapers to let locals know about the competition. In addition, consider purchasing ad space in newspapers and/or magazines so you can have the poster you created viewed by more people.