An Mpeg4 Format To A Project In Studio 10

Pinnacle Studio is a video capture, editing and authoring program from Avid. The release of Pinnacle Studio 10 included support for MPEG-4 files, an audio/video compression standard developed by the Motion Picture Experts Group (MPEG) in 1998. The MPEG-4 format was designed to be a standard that handled all digital media workflow, including capture, editing, encoding, playback and archiving. MPEG-4 files can be imported or captured by Studio 10 and added to a project file to be edited and authored into a finished video.


1. Copy your MPEG-4 video file to the “My Videos” folder in “My Documents.” This folder is normally on your C drive.

2. Open Pinnacle Studio 10. The default window when you open the software is the “Edit” mode. Edit mode displays the “Album” that links to the “My Videos” folder where video files are stored, the “Player” for playback of selected clips and the “Movie Window.” The Movie Window contains the files you have selected to make up your finished video.

3. Preview your MPEG-4 video file. Click the icon of the video in the Album. The first frame of the video will display in the Player. Click the “Play” button and the selected file will play.

4. Move your MPEG-4 video file into the Movie Window. Click the file in the Album window and hold down the left mouse button while dragging the file into the Movie Window. You can move multiple files from the Album to the Movie Window by holding the “Control” key while selecting the files you want to move. The files will be highlighted. When you finish selecting files, hold down the left mouse button and drag the files to the Movie Window. Once moved, the running order of the files can be rearranged by dragging individual files into place.

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5. Save the Pinnacle Studio Project. Click the “File” drop-down menu and select “Save Project as.” You will be prompted to give the project a name. Choose a name that you can easily identify, such as “Vacation December 1st.” After you have named the project and saved it, you can save it to the same name at any time by holding the “Control” key while pressing “S.”