Amd Quad Core Vs Pentium Quad Core

AMD Quad Core vs. Pentium Quad Core.

AMD and Intel have offered quad core processors for some time, and both have evolved their architectures over the last few years.


AMD and Intel’s quad core processor debuted in 2007. AMD has since updated to the Phenom II line of quad cores, while Intel has released the new Core i5 and Core i7 quad cores.

General Use

The differences are minimal between any AMD Athlon or Phenom II quad core and any Intel Pentium or Core branded quad core in basic applications, such as Word and Excel. These programs simply don’t require enough processor power.


AMD’s quad core processors are slower in games than Intel’s due to the better overall performance of most Intel quad core processors. The fastest Intel quad cores offer between 10 percent and 20 percent better performance than the faster AMD quad cores.

Rendering/Video Editing

Intel’s quad cores, particularly the newest Core i5 and i7 versions, are much faster in 3D rendering and video editing programs than AMD’s quad cores. The fastest Intel quad cores are up to 50 percent faster than anything AMD can offer.

Power Consumption

Despite better performance, Intel’s quad cores consume less energy than those by AMD. The peak power consumption of Intel’s quad core processors is between 30 and 50 watts less when comparing Intel and AMD quad cores with similar performance.

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