Allocate More Memory To An Integrated Graphics Card

Your graphics card usually uses a fixed amount of memory configured in the motherboard’s BIOS. Many BIOS chips, however, allow you to modify something known as the “on-chip frame buffer size,” which determines how much extra RAM you can allocate to an integrated video card. Usually, this value has a maximum of 128MB. You might notice improved performance in gaming and video editing after you finish configuring the buffer size.


1. Restart or turn on the computer. Look in the boot menu for “Press x to enter setup,” the “x” being any key on the keyboard. Press the key indicated and wait for the BIOS setup screen to load up. If the computer continues booting instead, try this process again.

2. Navigate to “Chipset Features Setup” or “Advanced Setup,” depending on the BIOS model. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the screen. Press “Enter” to access the menu.

3. Navigate to “On-Chip Frame Buffer Size” and press “Enter.” Change this value to the maximum amount you can and press “Enter.”

4. Press “F10” to save the settings and exit the BIOS utility.

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