Adobe Premiere Tutorial For Day To Night

To avoid the perils of night video, consider using video editing effects.

When it comes to video production, almost nothing causes more frustration for videographers than trying to shoot a scene at night. The problems come with the lighting — too much of it and it looks as if the subjects are walking around in a football stadium, too little of it and you can’t see the subjects at all. The solution for most video production companies is to “fix it in post;” or in other words, to use editing techniques to “fake” the look of nighttime. You can do this using any version of Adobe Premiere, including Premiere Elements.


1. Drag the desired video to the Premiere Timeline.

2. Select “Image Control” from the Effects menu on the right side of the Premiere window.

3. Drag the “Brightness” slider to about -1, then drag the Contrast slider to about 30 and drag the “Saturation” slider to about 15. Depending on the brightness of your original video, you may want to adjust these figures slightly. You’ll be able to see what the image will look like in the Preview window so you can adjust to your preferences.

4. Select the “Channel Mixer” from the Effects menu.

5. Drag the “Red-Red” slider to about 70, drag the “Green-Green” slider to about 115, then drag the “Blue-Blue” slider to about 178. These figures may be adjusted somewhat according to your video’s color and your personal preference, so look at the image in the Preview window and adjust accordingly.

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