Adobe Premiere Elements Vs Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Elements and Premiere Pro are video editing software programs used to create video and audio projects. Both work with PC and Mac, edit media, supply title templates, effects and transitions, but the difference in cost is significant. Premiere Pro is the more powerful, professional application while Premiere Elements caters to consumers who want turnkey editing that is easy to use. Which software you need depends on whether you are editing home movies for your family or creating broadcast-quality productions.


Adobe Premiere Elements is sold alone or bundled with Photoshop Elements, and newer versions offer Elements Organizer for media management. This feature allows the user to work with Premiere and Photoshop files seamlessly. You can capture and export many different types of video and audio formats, which are beneficial because of the wide array of camcorder formats on the market. Elements offers a storyboard or timeline view, video and audio layering, and many automatic effects to fix home movie problems. Exporting is integrated into the project, allowing easy CD/DVD burning and uploading to social media websites.

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro can be purchased alone or contained in the Adobe Creative Production Suite. It is used by video amateurs and professionals who are proficient with the non-linear video editing process. Recent upgrades have greatly expanded Premiere’s ability to handle all professional video formats. You can edit sound, select from a wide variety of effects and transitions, use title templates and create long or short format broadcast-quality projects. Premiere can export many types of media, but unlike Elements, can’t burn a DVD. Users must export the final project to Adobe Encore, a separate DVD authoring program bundled with Premiere.

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The basic difference between Premiere Pro and Elements is the user interface. Premiere Pro contains more tools, finer adjustments for individual clips and a much more complicated editing process. Elements was built for the casual user with many automatic templates, menus and abbreviated steps to the final outcome. Premiere Pro integrates with Adobe’s other software tools, such as Soundbooth for complicated audio mixing and repair, After Effects for motion graphics and Encore for sophisticated DVD menu creation and authoring. Elements contains all those options in one program, but in a much simpler and straightforward process.


Many video enthusiasts start with Premiere Elements and upgrade to Premiere Pro when their projects need the more powerful application. Video editing is a difficult technical skill that sometimes gets in the way of trying to create a simple video production. Elements is a much easier way to learn that editing process, while still being able to enjoy creating your own video.